Our Workshops


Irregular Operations (IROPS) Workshops

We have been at the forefront of developing an initiative to assist major U.S. airports and airlines plan effectively for Irregular Operations (IROPS) events by creating tailored workshops to meet their needs. By working with several large airports in the country, we have developed a proven formula for creating holistic plans to deal with these IROPS events that enable them to meet current U.S. DOT regulations.

During this type of workshop, we ensure that communication, coordination, and collaboration is established between hub airports, their respective diversion airports and airlines, and government agencies to address and resolve voids in passenger service during IROPS events. Our aviation clients complete our workshops armed with effective measures to develop best practices for mitigating the effects of extraordinary flight disruptions on passengers as well as allow them to build relationships between key stakeholders.

Customized Innovation Workshops

All too often, major capital projects at airports face cost overruns due to scope creep and schedule delays when long lead items aren't delivered on time. In addition, airport executives may not receive the quality service they expected due to miscommunication between contractors. We work with large project teams on complex airport programs to ensure the entire team is completely aligned from kickoff through O&M.

Our workshops mainly focus on finding innovative ways for large project teams to work collaboratively on airport programs. This can mean everything from building consensus for the standards and criteria for programmatic documents to identifying the checklist for commissioning a project.

In our innovation workshops, our aviation clients discover ways to identify and bring together all stakeholders who can influence a program. They also learn how to ensure their program stakeholder group: remains committed throughout the life of a project; encourages meaningful participation without overloading individuals; fosters trustworthy and confident communication built on a transparent and open dialogue process; and meets diverse needs through a flexible and cost-effective process.